odesha sexy 20!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

a late entry about sexy miao's birthday last monday!

cute class photos which i decided to gif it, and super dreamy everyone's reaction! place this at the top of this post to show how much i love the pics!

a lovely ribbon cake specially ordered for our birthday girl! can see its in purple colour because purple was a very special colour that day Photobucket

little miao miao cards cute max!!! they portray our wishes!

look at her face!! i think our little birthday surprise was so success!! XD

sweet sweet every year


a photo of me, odesha chan and anffi limPhotobucket

presents time!!! everything has to be in purple!!!!

miao miao odesha chan, stay pretty and sexy always! hugsssss


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3 dreamers

  1. wow a very beautiful cake for her and hapy birthday



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