sean birthday dinner

Sunday, June 20, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

spice market again! every buffet lover loves spice market especially when they have promotions, so i got no reason to stop myself from stepping into spice market again!
that day was didi's birthday, 15th june.


his tiny little pikachu's cake

xiao jiu, his pretty wife and two little kids

cannot tahan already he wants to open his pressie!

why every little boy loves pokemon one?

the food was still good, still love the satay so much! surprisingly they changed some of their dishes, so its not boring although its the 2nd time i went in this month!
vegetable and apple soup, my favourite--seafood soup with corn

strangest soup i've ever tried--carrot, orange and ginger soup

more more and more sashimi!

yummy strawberry pie!

tried the crepe this time, tasty but still i prefer it with strawberry!

xiaojiu, sis, mum and kim!

sweet sweet!

cute pics taken when we're walking beside the pool during the middle of the dinner, my tummy will burst if i sit from the beginning until the end.

now im kim's camwhoring sifu!

and of the post! nai nai im so sleepy nowwww

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