short hatyai trip!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

a sweet escape to hatyai, thailand last weekend! was actually going to perlis with ah sin, she mentioned that hatyai was just 45minutes drive from perlis, so why not! girls love shopping so much and hatyai was a shopping heaven for girls.

the day before hatyai, we paid a visit to padang besar for some shopping and FOOD! its the border of malaysia and thailand, so passport is needed!!!

with glian in the car


got our passport stamped!

reached the yum yum shop which ah sin always mentioned, she said the tomyam is superb!

and opposite the shop was a karaoke, sexy one

teoh sin sin and her baby

glian with her coconut and my coconut

cola in bottle! so retro i love

believe me this golden mushroom karabu is really appetizing! golden mushroom, chilis, lime, fresh seafood and onion make great combination!

crab meat fried rice! full of crab meat and i felt its worthy

fly up high when we tasted such great food!

this is OMFG-ly GOOD!

i love this white tomyam which is super sour! cooked with half-ripe mango! awwww im drooling nowwwwwww

stir fried curry crab meat! tasty also!

tomyam!!! delicious, spicy + sour, just nice!

ms venus so happy got to eat her favourite tomyam!

shopping a bit after that, not much to shop there but only 2 rolls of shops selling clothes, junk food and daily uses BUT im delighted after found some good things there, will share it in a post soon! =)

this is nice, baked almonds!

brought dessert before going back!

the next day was hatyai day! yohoooo~

fyi, we do not drive to hatyai, we parked our car at kayu hitam and turned into van services to hatyai. its only 50baht per head (rm5), freaking cheap one!

saw a fat siam miao sleeping while waiting for the van

guess what is this! i was so shocked because the van stopped in a kampung and i thought the van driver is going to buy drinks or wash the van but not! see that yellow thing? its actually petrol for the van and i was stunned for that little, small and tiny petrol pondok.

reached the shopping-land after 45minutes and rushed into 7 eleven for drinks and food! rawr~

pretty cakes in 7 e

and this bunny pao so cuteeeeeee available in 7 e too!

hatyai's stuff really cheap like hell, but bangkok's bags and watches are much more cheaper! we got to shop like crazy last time when we're in bangkok, highest record i brought 11 watches and 8 bags!

i brought some really cheap items from watson, which is not available in malaysia's watson! somemore brought some schwarzkorf and sunsilk product like for 89baht(rm8.9) and 50baht(rm5) only, also brought some sunblock only for 60baht(rm6)!

mc cafe with uncle ronald!

lunch time! had the sky buffet in lee-garden! i miss it!

the view of the earth, was 30 levels nearer to the sky!

the food are just normal, not much selection as well, but luckily its cheap la only 149baht(rm15) and you can have a view of the entire hatyai!

brought a pinkie scientific calculator for 280baht(rm28)! its for my sister actually but she wants green, mafan! so im selling it off soon!

in the tuk-tuk heading to the central market after lunch!

special congee at kayu hitam! see the egg in the congee? its all raw and only slightly cooked by the congee's heat so pang! *two thumbs up!*

done with this post! might be going to hatyai again end of this june! weeeeeeeeeeee


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  1. nice picture o.. ^^


  2. i oso wana go....
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  3. go la go do passport!! lets go!


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