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Thursday, July 01, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

so many things to update but i got insufficient time. week 6 already and i got loads of assignments to rush like always, sien la it circulates every 10weeks! lately i've been spending time with sabien, venus and glian, a few creamy and dreamy meals a week!

this is a dinner post about teluk tempoyak, pleasant scenery wonderful companies and tasty ikan bakar! i was there that day but they closed on monday, how sad! but we make it this time, tasted the famous roasted fish that i haven't been tasting it for the pass 2 years, finally!!

teluk tempoyak is a malay fishing kampung with a long scaffold bridge. some people named it as '情人桥' which mean valentine bridge, a very beautiful name isn't it?

ms venus and i
she just got back from work so just nice to have dinner with us Photobucket

long table in the dinning area

the view of the scaffold bridge from our table, beautiful right.

chubie tagged along! i think quite a while never take any pics with my big baby already!

the stall that serves the best ikan bakar

choose the fish that you want! remember to ask for the price, we choose two different fishes, rm17 and rm35 each.

c-o-c-o-n-u-t, large one, rm2 each!

need some time to wait for the fish to be roasted

edwin and sabien joined us as well!

other seafood for seafood lover like us

finally they are here!

okay i know, they looks blacky burnt, but tasted superb!! TRUST ME!

telling jokes after meal!

pics of the day before byebye!
i wanna go again!

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7 dreamers

  1. nice photos.i like the first one.

  2. reminds me of my many years ago outing Pulau Pangkor... juz love the scenary :)

  3. =DDDD
    yes yes its in penang!

  4. omg..so delicious la..
    gonna go someday and try it myself..

    the prob is, when will I get there.. hooo

  5. y i nvr notice ther's such teluk ? hahaz..


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