Gary's twenty!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

had decide not to upload so much photos here but those photos are so nice that i cant resist myself for posting them!! credits to bie's cam la.

gary's birthday on tuesday, had a little surprise k session for him at neway queensbay mall! everything was well-planned by raimie, kept asking us to be patient in the room waiting for the king to arrive.

choose a big face photo for his big day! yooohoo!

meee in my polka outfit from F21! nice no? dont focus on my pear-shaped body la please

and we're both in baby pink! =D love it

was actually eating while waiting because we're too hungry that time and waited for an hour! somemore need to hide in the tiny washroom when he is about to arrive.

raimie keep sms and calling

ohhh so touched!

birthday boy with his beautiful cake

gif-ed pics and OMG its so cute!

new 陪客 in neway

sing sang sung until 3am after that

two masters who paid rm40 and talked all night about their games! typical homeboy

a photo with pretty raimie! i love her contact lens and make-ups!

another with the birthday boy in yellow

one two three

love the photos especially it didnt shows my butt!

and photos of everyone here,

alicia's giving out the souvenir that she brought for us

nicely-packed furikake! yummy!! makes me miss sakae sushi plain rice now *drooling*

once in a blue moon this guy will SING!!! S-I-N-G you know not hum!
group photos before leaving!

and messy glasses after that,
i cant remember how many glass i drank that night, but i went to pee at least 10 times that night, and still wasted quite a lot of beverages that night.

till then la! off to shopping now!

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