Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

i miss chan lian lian already!!!!!!

i wanna be there for a longer period laaaaa, so fun everyday can hang around with glian and my bie, and another lovely friend, ah yao! ah yao he is such a nice person!!! a big thank you for him because he fetched us everywhere and being very helpful all the time, quite a funny person also can always makes us laugh!

and on the day we left, ah yao fetched us sight-seeing around Johor and we had dinner together before went to the airport! one thing i found about Johor, is they have so much this stone-grill thingy, a cave-concept restaurant that i can see almost in every shopping mall! why penang doesnt have any hah? so decided to take a try since its quite common in Johor!

cave look!

errrrrr, looks like having a meal on a tree in the jungle right!

diners! glian and ah yao!

who and who!

cream of mushroom! mineeeeeeee

salmon spaghetti, yum!

tomyam on the hot stone! its boiling hot and its good!!!

it's a super hot stone under the metal box, which happens to keep the soup boiling hot!

bie's chicken! yum yum with the black pepper sauce!

mine! every stone-grill comes in a set which you can choose your side dish, french fries or fried rice!

my sizzling salmon! look at the thickness, it already satisfied me somehow.

awwwww i wanna have dinner with you guys again!

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