True colours of universal studios singapore!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

photos are finally up, only choose some of the best to post! took so much time just to upload the pics to blogspot *phewwww*

such a beautiful weather to visit the universal studios of singapore!

ticket booths! got ours a day before, just in case the tickets were sold out.
one day weekday pass costs us $66 and $72 for weekend!

claimed our $10 of shopping and dinning vouchers at the customer service center

sight from the entrance

welcome to Hollywood!

star memoir selling Marilyn Monroe's merchandise!

pink shop selling everything about Betty Boop

met Marilyn in Hollywood! missed the chance to take a photo with her, sad la

met kung fu panda as well!!!!!!!
so happy because i looks so small when standing with this huge bear

New york!!!!!

at KT's grill

Lights, camera, action! hosted by steven spielberg

waiting for the hurricane to hit new york city

this is really awesome, they can turn an empty sound stage into a real site when the major hurricane are about to hit new york!

beautiful old town

Sci-Fi city after that!

Batterstar Galactica!
the blue track is for cylon and the red track is for human, but too bad its not open yet, sien la.

Accelerator! twirl twirl twirl twirl..........

a view of the lake! i can see Far far away!!!!!

Ancient Egypt!!!!

the weather was freaking hot!! just like we're at the real Egypt eh!

miss chan!

super tall Egyptian!

the entrance of the Revenge of the mummy
the best ride among all that day! its cooling thrill ride, we took this twice, and the second time i felt like i am dying in there!!! they took our photo during the ride and my expression looks like shit, horrible!

another ride, Treasure hunters, for kids! the can drive their own jeep across
 this abandoned Egyptian excavation site.

Lunch time!!!!!
we had yummy burger at Mel's Drive-in

signature vintage cars in Mel's Drive-in!

love the retro interior!
it's a classic 1950's drive-in diner that serve all-American favourites!

glian said yum yum! we ordered their famous rocket sauce burgers! affordable price from $9.30 to $8.80, each of us can have $5 discount with our vouchers!

journey to Madagascar after lunch!

you can hear 'i like to move it move she likes to.............' everywhere in Madagascar and the animals are dancing under the freaking hot sun!
King Julien's beach party-go-round, kids ride!

took photos with penguins!!! i love them they're adorable!

headed to Far far away after visiting their Penguins Mercantile!
its too hot out there, cant stay any longer!

hi! welcome to my house!!!!!
Shrek the greengreen is in there too!

went in the castle for Shrek 4-D adventure! this stupid movie was succeed to scare me until i dare not to put my feet on the floor, grrrhhhhhhhh! how silly!

met Gingy!!!!!!!!

hundreds of them are in Fairy godmother's potion shop!

another ride in the potion shop which is for kids, and we went for an outdoor ride Enchanted airways which is a junior roller coaster. The ride is okay, but this probably is my hottest roller coaster ride EVER!

The lost world, our last destination

i was told that the two rides in jurassic park are nice, but its a disappointment, because both of the Jurassic park rapids adventure and Canopy Flyer was CLOSE for service!!! i cant believe it, why cant they repair or service it at night time? T.T

met a fakie dinosaur :( i dont want, i want rideeeeeee

caught Waterworld just in time! might get wet during the show, but its still an enjoyable one :)

found a photo-spot that can snap Far far away, so beautiful!!!

hang around The Brown Derby for funny, crazy and silly hats!

went in the store to grab universal studios themed collectibles before leaving!

visit Hershey's shop before we leave for vivo city! since our return bus was at 10.30pm so we decided to go to vivo city for dinner!

this guy hanging 365 days a year

beautiful sunset and cable cars!

dino waiting for dinner

super hungry after walking whole day under the hot sun! chubie had stone rice and i had kimchi soup and rice, my favouriteeeeeeeeee!

satisfaction max!

hanging around vivo city and went back to resort world after that.
did some shopping at Festive Hotel and chilled at the lobby.

one last photo with the night universal studios before leaving :)

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