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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

dinner at korean palace with family to celebrate raya. i love korean food, especially the kimchi stew and the koren bbq, cant resist them at all! i wonder why some people just dont like the smell of the kimchi stew, i dont eat kimchi actually, but kimchi stew is too alluring!!

mom and granny!

sisters! look alike?

everyone, we had a long table which was so difficult for us to share the food :(

uncle and the two sunshine!

the only thing that i HATE among all the korean food is TOFU!

greens for korean bbq

sizzling hot!!!


the small hot plate, i think the waitress finished the bbq in 10 rounds, ordered too much :(

Banchan! korean side side which we can nom and nom and nom and nom unlimitedly!

Kimchi stew!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE

Heamul sundubu! super appetizing spicy soup with seafood!

Dduk Bok Ki, 辣炒年糕!

BBq pork with red pepper sauce!
korean ginsengggggg! i think mom's recipe always the best ;)

Korean style sausage, full of beancurd :(

Korean pancake, Haemul pajeon!

Clam soup!! but the clam were getting smaller and smaller now

two hungry mice

sotong!!! you guys love sotong?? i love it to death!!

kim and me photo with didi

ah biiiii, with his so-called trendy hair

okay shall stop here, off to bbq now! i think my blog will be flooded with food this week.
see yea! xoxo

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