Masquerade night

Friday, September 03, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

Masquerade dinner two weeks ago, got no time to update until now. it was held at cititel penang, which im not really happy with that place, perhaps its too near with our collage, sien.

my fabulous mask that night! i made it all by myself, which costs me around rm80+++
and my very nice gemstones watch from ilovedrezee

reached abit late that night, but still earlier than last year! last year was a real mess T.T
and the food was just so-so, not much surprise, but still made my tummy burst!

lim yu kai kai and wei xiong--2 dai lous; a photo with the mighty jojo, the prom queen of 2009!

sharon and ken, the sweet couple! ; me with sasha, she's so busy that night

one of the climax of the night----- best dress award! the winner is very obvious right?

my beloved lecture, chris choo, he's the winner of the best dress for male!; my favourite lecture mr. ricardo!

pretty lady chris yee! im holding her beautiful mask; my head is too big for mr teoh's mask T.T

mr melvin and mr colin!

mr moses! once in a blue moon he will smile and show his teeth like that :)

another photo with mr chris choo! with his super-exaggerate-mask!

group photos! *love*

with 3 pretty ladies! sharon, raimie and odesha chan

ven yong, i hate taking pics with small boy! it makes me looks even round!; pretty baby sharon, she is squeezing my hand!

my ah biiiiii Ls ong!

lucky draw's prizes! 7 out of 10 person of our table got it!

pretty masks!!!


photos with shu yiiiiii

after party!!

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2 dreamers

  1. omg.. i like your mask :D
    gorgeous ~

  2. me too! i heart your mask really creative yet classy. totally chic haha ♥


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