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Sunday, October 10, 2010

had a scrumptious lunch at hard rock cafe few weeks ago, it was a birthday treat for my darling ms venus!

ms venus the single lady!

me me! i was wearing my long-lost blue dress that i had been neglecting for a year!

my tummy was 50% full that day! cant really order much because of the big portion

Grilled hawaiian chicken

look at the 1/2 chicken,
can you feel the thickness?
its not only in a real huge portion but its also a huge yum-yum! i can feel the chicken is well-marinated before it roasted into a golden brown. and the hawaiian sauce was very appetizing!

twisted mac and cheese
one of my favourite cheesy dish!

i believe i will go back to hard rock just for this, very very soon!

fish and chip
nothing fancy, but im in love with fish and chip lately without any reason!
i wanna go for Blue Reef's fish and chip, anyone?

linger around the hotel after lunch and spotted something pinky!


nice until i cry, I WANT!

hard rock was having this pink party to launch the Pinkober campaign for the breast cancer awareness, everything was decorated in pink, sweet right?

and we met ah bang! she's working for the Pinkober thingy

had a few friendship shoots with ah sin as well!

and not forget our dear micheal!


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