Sabien's birthday lunch and farewell!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

♥Smile everytime you peep!♥

our last meal with bin before she fly! 4 months passed really fast, cant really get used to it yet. we had a good lunch at victoria station, which located at bayan baru.

four of us! next lunch will be....maybe end of next year?

nom nom nom......
had escargot and oxtail soup as appetizer

our main courses:

the portion are quite big as usual. i cant finish mine again T.T i ordered fish and chip actually, i dont know why im so into fish and chip lately, cant stop ordering it whenever im! Photobucketsien la

pretty diners like always

im in my 99 ribbons-back flora dress that day! still lovin it Photobucket

eyes open so big dunno for what!

like my post?
nang it Photobucket

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