Ice ice babbies

Friday, December 10, 2010

had a wonderful dinner together with my classmates during hari raya haji, and chilled at ice ice baby@auto city after that. perhaps there will be less chances for us to hang around because we all will be having our internship for this few months time. at times i really like ice ice baby, because they have yum yum dessert for a sweet-tooth like me! and i like the environment which is very joyous and colourful, surely will put a smile on everyone's face :)

chicken fingers!

the very beautiful 鸡蛋仔

my colourful assorted fruits

mokamoka chan with the little guy

odesha chan the pretty lady

alicia chuah with her chocolate fondue!

yumsssss! its as yummy as you think :)

assessment week ended now and i wish that i can have more time to hang around before my internship starts, for real! :)

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1 dreamers

  1. who say we cant hang out often !!
    we still have offday or maybe sunday if our boss close at sunday one la!


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