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Sunday, December 12, 2010

hello penang lang!
do you guys know where this pic was being capture?

yes yes!!
im at Straits Quay! a brand new hot spot that facing the Malacca Straits!

a few new hot spot came out this month, but dont really have the opportunity to visit all of them due to my hectic schedule, i can only visit this beautiful straits quay during awal muharam last week

the signature corridor that everyone will snap snap snap

look how beautiful it can be! very E&O's British look right?

candyland! is the theme of christmas at straits quay :)

and the biggest christmas tree in penang this year

the very beautiful tower that can be seen from gurney! i always wondering what is that and now i can see it so near :)

and i heard rumors that it will be the largest aquarium japanese restaurant in penang!

that's the jetty of the water taxi, which we can use this water transportation to reach straits quay directly from E&O!!!! i cant wait i wanna try!!!!!
but look at the dirty seawater, eeeeeeeeeee
probably because the place is still under constructions so garbage and waste may fall off into the sea :(

another sight from the tower

and georgetown! can imagine how beautiful it will be if standing at the highest level of the tower

still have plenty of empty lots, heard that it will be fully start up before chinese new year

Sugar by

okay lunch time!!!!!!!!!

not any other restaurant but Blue Reef!!!!!
best fish and chip in town!!!!!!!! nom nom nom nom

they have another shop at permai 32, which is quite far for me! and now they have one more in straits quay!!!!!! totally gone mad for this

creamy tartar sauce

hot lemon tea best for a sore-throat :)

smoked salmon crostini! i cant eat deep-fried stuff so i ordered this, i can say this is the best crostini that i ever had!

and every pieces of it is like a piece of art, very cantik

mahi-mahi!!!!!!! this time we tried bread crumbs instead of beer battered! for me i prefer beer battered la, but actually both also nice!

love the super thick fish, yumssss

ok la if you want it too then faster go to straits quay!!!!!

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3 dreamers

  1. hi~bunny~^^
    can i ask where is the Straits Quay located at? my friends said it was behind the Island plaza,but every time i pass by i din c anything behind island Plaza~>.<

  2. hello Elise :D
    Straits Quay is somewhere around Island plaza, yes its behind it but have a little distance. just follow the road beside island plaza and you will see a beautiful white building on your right! :)

  3. LOl~ i ady saw it~ thanks 4 telling me~but i din get inside there coz kinda rush tat day~but will find someday to hv a look there~ =)


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