24hours cny escape

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

im back from my shopping trip!!!!!!!!
have you all brought new year clothes yet?

super satisfied to carry everything back! but the trip is really too short T___T only spent around 24hours there.... awwwww

and of course my first station is Uniqlo :) can see the signboard everywhere!

lovely blossom all along the street! so niceee

pavilion entrance with cny decoration! cute fatty bunny

ignore the silly guy's face, his stupid face spoiled the whole pic!

hitting the drum of the prosperity!!

choo choo beng!

lion danceeeee!!!! this is one of the best one i've seen!

two of them very not friendly one, sien

spotted this cute purpleman! the female one will be odesha chan~~

the special edition of national geographic

the first national geographic store in malaysia!! no fun one

shall stop now! off to shopping again ;D

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