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Friday, January 14, 2011

Dr Repair Cream and Smooth Moisture Cream from CUSKIN!!
im so excited to receive their products again, because they are really good! read my previous review of their sunblock and bb cream here. Dr Repair Cream and Smooth Moisture Cream are as good as i expected too!
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do you have pimples' problem during your pms? redness and skin-peeling off after a day under the hot sun? or even a pimple pops out a day before your important date? the wicked pimple will definitely makes me panic and lost confidence :( it just spoil my entire day!

now i will apply Dr Repair Cream on that little wicked pimple! i use three times a day and it just 'dried' on the next day, so amazing!!!! then i just apply some bb cream to cover it up without any irritation!

i even use it after my facial treatment session! usually i will not be able to hang out for at least 2 days after the facial treatment because of my very sensitive skin, my face will just red and swollen. however, this problem solved after i use Dr Repair Cream! it calms the irritation of the affected area by giving it moisture and leaving my skin soft and supple.

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Smooth Moisture Cream is highly recommended for those who have dry skin or aging skin. it is a great product because most of the people will spend most of the time in an air-corn room, just like me!! one thing i dont really like my practical training now is that, i have to sit in the super-dry-air-conditioned-room from 9am to 5pm! just 2 weeks continuously and my skin is dehydrated :( i have ugly wrinkles and my skin cracking all around my eyes and mouth!

i cant believe that my skin's condition is finally turning better after i apply Smooth Moisture Cream before heading to work for only 3 days!

and this is the amount that i apply on my face everyday! unbelievable right? just apply a small amount and it keeps my skin hydrated the whole day! every morning i will just spend a few minutes on my face:

cleansing, toning and then Smooth Moisture Cream!!

normally i will apply a large amount of moisturizer on my face because i want it to keep my face moisturizing all the time. but for Smooth Moisture Cream, it is very rich and high-moisturizing so just apply a very thin layer is enough to maintain skin to be moist for a long time!

super happy now because no more dull and dry skin while working :)

so do you wanna let them to solve your skin problems?
check it out for the latest promotions!!!!
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for order enquiry, you may:

email to


contact 012-3920990

and dont forget to mention my name 'Jinni Bit' to enjoy an immediately 10% off on all products!
happy shopping and in love with your beautiful skin with me :)

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3 dreamers

  1. i am interested but it is expensive -_____- just email to buy?dun hav a store?

  2. hi! yes you can email to or visit their facebook page

  3. Woh, interesting product. Thanks for sharing and I should give it a try.


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