Hello kitty party!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

my senior choo's birthday party last friday! its a hello kitty themed party so she said everyone have to dress up with hello kitty's accessories or pink outfit :D super like the theme one! went home for a bath after work and of course, never forget our lovely pressie!

the huge miss kitty and i, in my kitty head tee from Drezee Closet and my sis' hot pink skinny!

gary ming, busy drawing kitty on everyone's face :/

fooooooooood! a lot of brunt sausages that night :(

meet this very chio thing, someone just so lazy to wash it so made a fakey one so that she can throw the whole thing after use!

super dreamy plate!! nice right!

alicia chuah!

senior choo's evil smile, holding a sausage with wasabi :X

the victim, poor sam got bullied!!!!

with ah eng's kitty masque!

another dreamy cake!

group photos!

someone making fun with his senior :X

another fun night with everyone!

snapy of the night! want these? visit Instax up! now :)

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