hello march dinner@Spice Market Cafe

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yes, M.A.R.C.H
and now it the middle of april and only i've decided to post this! nothing much, i just flipped back all the folders and these photos caught my attention :) how sweeeet

spice market cafe, rasa sayang resort! because they're having buy 1 free 1 promotion again, since march until end of may.

hehhhhh :)
covered up my HUGE arms with my hair!

again! polaroid's lovers please visit Instax Up!

our table was at outdoor! luckily it was quite cooling that day

the diners from left: tze jian the nipple king, chanweixiong and limyukaikai

diners from left: alicia chuah, fly yifei, pure and garyming

diners from left again: ah belle, venyong and dylan

princess jasmine and raimie yeoh!

and long-time-no-see michael raj!

lamb slice with mint sauce! *YUMMMMS*

bread sticks noms!

okay and group photos after dinner,

okay im looking forward for more dinner since we're graduating real soon :(
shall stop here darlings! nai nai

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