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Monday, April 04, 2011

so we try to dress up ourselves to be like an animal to blend in all the animals in the safari world, bangkok! like this:
love it????
yes they look a bit weird, but they are so CUTE! bought it for 140baht per pair ♥♥♥

this is the 2nd time i visit safari world in bangkok! the last time i went was 3 years ago, im still so young and thin!!!
thailand welcome you~

ticket booth and information counter!

it was 800baht per person for safari and marine park! i think our package was much more worthy because we pay only 950baht per person for the whole trip, transportation and lunch included!

colourful dolphins for kids!

18sx thingy that will shoot water whenever someone goes near

reached there quite early, and we're starving!!! lost control when i see sweet-corns OMG thats my favouriteeee!! should have wake up earlier to have our breakfast

paid only 25baht to get a huge sweet-corn!!! yummmms

i wonder why their sweet-corns can be so nice! and yellowish :X

gary the awesome poser wtf

the white mighty tiger rawr!!!

more tigers!


love max! :)

wonder how these fake chicken will involve in kid's game :/

baby crocs!

another performance: cowboy town! just love those exterior, dont you?

lunch time!!!

our table! wtf super romantic

feeding the swans after got ourselves fed!

beautiful swans in white and black! still prefer the white ones!

i see you are trying very hard to blend in with the animals, hmmm

and one thing very awesome in the entire safari world is the washroom!

extremely clean and nicely-painted!

in the girls' washroom


and monkey! different design somemore in other washroom

this is my favourite part of the safari world---safari terrance!

we got to feed the giraffes! mad love!


i used to love giraffe so much but after this photo was taken i started to hate them:
im sure its a male giraffe, hate him :(

bird feeding next!

another show! fire burning everywhere

e.........ele.......le...........phant feeding!

and riding! poor little elephant, how pity

last part was the safari park! feeling sleepy again, i prefer jungle book!
bye yo animals!

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4 dreamers

  1. where did you book your safari world tour? Thanks! :D

  2. Booked it from a travel agency in Chinatown Bangkok!

  3. I describe about this blog its very very beautiful .
    Desert Safari

  4. Its a pity no one views the place with reference to the plight of the animals! Have you ever realised what training methods they use?


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