Tree monkey day!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

had a very early dinner at Tree Monkey last thursday! i am the driver for the day, pretty proud about that :D i drove all along to teluk bahang, and the car was fully seated! how nice! i know right, my driving skills I M P R O V E D so well :)

the main entrance to taste the food, drinks and nature! super love the 'Y' that actually forms a glass, how creative!

spot me please! with my glasses on

this way up baby!

its too bright to see the sea-level :( the scenery was actually a panoramic sight of the grand seaview of batu feringgi!

our table that a little bit too draw on with the nature, which monkeys and mosquito started to approach us

move into the indoor table!

there's a lot of monkey up there, trust me!

love this! i wanna take this table next time!

another private corner of the place

ms alicia chuah!

bunny thingy made from wood, coconut shells and feather! so nice those feathers would just spin when wind blow!

spices for sale! but we're late and the shop was closed when we reached :(

love it!!! i will definitely buy one during my next visit!

this way up to the spice garden!

my lime soda mint leaves! very refreshing!

tomyam firepot! large one! not bad, better than what i've expected.

pandan chicken!

kangkung belacan!

mommy alicia chuah serving us! AHHH so hang fok

gary ming the emo guy that day, too much mosquito sucking his fats, perhaps!

green curry chicken! yumssss

visited Michael after meal!
sorry Michael!

brought this taiwan guy to visit Hardrock hotel and planned for his superb-awesome-grand-luxurious-birthday bash!

my dolls collection!

kay i shall stop here! off to shopping!!!!!!

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