Wat Arun Bangkok

Thursday, April 14, 2011

this is not my latest trip to Bangkok, it was 2 years ago actually! just thought of Wat Arun, because its one of my favourite destination in Bangkok, its the oldest wat in Bangkok, also known as the 'Temple of Dawn', located at the west bank of the famous Chao Phraya River. we took water taxi, i think water taxi is the best choice to visit Wat Arun!

5 minutes walking distance from chinatown to the nearest water taxi station and pay only 9baht to get on a water taxi!

looks familiar? :) it has been featured in one of the jackie chan's movie!

im still so young that time :(

beautiful right? it was decorated by all the colourful ceramics bowls and plates! feeling incredible each time i went

super slanting this stairway! i climb up instead of walk up

with peisher and vivian!

i.just.cant.go.any.further.anymore :(
im not afraid of height but im afraid of such a slanting stairway, i just manage to climb up to the first level, vivian made it to the top!

beautiful ceramics!

taking water taxi back to chinatown and continue shopping after that! :)

alright shall stop here! will make updates about my recent bangkok trip again!

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