Birthday babies@Tao Auto City

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dinner at Tao Auto City with the seniors!
long time never eat Tao already especially Auto City! still prefer the environment :)
was there to celebrate alicia chuah and wei xiong chan's birthday which was already one day late so can plan things secretly without letting them notice yo!

everyone busy eating! no one chai me


ms jiahuichoo and sams ooi the super model

alicia chuahhhhh the red hair doll!

limyukai, weixiongchan and dylan!

ah eng super huge head blocking

AHHHH unlimited sashimi!!!!!!!!!!

so-called abalone slices!


baked oysters!

i hate shishamo fish!


some sushi roll with cream cheese! super YUMMS


make a wish before blowing the candles

*like like*

whos hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks like wedding leh wtf


our delicious ice cream birthday cake from Swensen's!
i never tried cakes from Swensen's before one but surprisingly it was quite nice, each bite will have cake and ice cream mix up, unlike BR's they have cake and ice cream separated.

sexy lady jiahuichoo

jiahui and ah eng both same expression! damn 夫妻相 one!!!!!

alicia's signature expression ---- '笑到肚子硬'

gary ming stupid face laugh until cry

chilling after that! super full until cannot drink

okay la ends with this 夫妻相 again haih:

shall stop now! dont forget to like my post!
*kiss kiss*

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