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Monday, May 16, 2011

at MOS BURGER, the japanese fine burger & coffee!

just suddenly saw the flyers of MOS burger that i brought back from my last bangkok trip and i felt like blogging it! we had it at Siam Central after whole day of shopping from Platinum to Siam Paragon!

the poster! freaking tempting one


so much to choose! the price was very reasonable, set meal from 99baht to 139baht only with your choice of burger, drinks and french fries!

i love peeping! MOS burger's open kitchen

one thing that i cannot resist at all!!!!!!! SUPER HUGE TOMATO
was told that they're all imported from japan!

perfect ambiance for dinner after a tiring day :)

sweeeeet until nom nom also wanna stick together

clam chowder!

alicia said: '真材实料!!!!'

MOS cheese burger! the sauce is nice!!!!!!
and spot the mr tomato so big!

teriyaki chicken!

mine lettuce fish burger! silly me chose lettuce because im too curious :/

ginger pork rice burger! rice burger is the original of MOS burger from Japan for over 21 years!

french fries!!!!!!! we got a lot and cant manage to finish it

LOL i love this pic! i really felt holding a big tomato can makes my face looks smaller!

dream boys! their face too chan so i bloomed them into such dreamy pics

stop here! im drooling now i want the MOS cheese burger so yummy T_____T

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2 dreamers

  1. Your English is quite good.
    I wish I could travel to Pulau Penang. :)

  2. hey thanks! im still learning :D


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