Charlie Brown Cafe@Straits Quay

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

* stupid makes my post disappear after the maintenance!
have to re-write somemore! f's l *

love my fox fur tail? get one here!

finished assessment week! decided to go to straits quay for nom nom again! it is my current favourite hang out spot!

Charlie Brown Cafe!!!!

snoopyland! i dont like snoopy and i hate snoopy! XD but just feeling like going because of the uber cute interior, and research for my fyp at the same time!

self service!!!!! the food was quite limited, not much food was served that day, i want pizza but they dont have for that day :(

my table!

cozy sofa place facing seaview!

colourful bubbles on the ceiling!

apple mint! hate this it tastes exactly like Listerine, disappointed la

crepe with ice cream and fruits! over sugary for me, dont like the syrup either! and expensive right rm15 for this super thin crepe :/

chicken sandwich! quite nice, love the creamy mashed-egg mix with fresh vege!

look at the comic wall AND YOUR EYES ARE GONNA STICK! XD

rm220 for a set of pen :/

familiar???? yes i have them too! my favourite one is the japanese one holding a yellow umbrella which i think it really looks like a sweetcorn!!

another entrance that facing the sea

snoopy chess so cute i wanna playyyyyyyy

okay la shall stop here! please dont just read! click the like button under this post okay! thanks loveeeeeee

Charlie Brown@Straits Quay
Add: 3A-1-17, First Floor, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Penang.
Tel: 012 426 9142
Facebook: here

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