Dynamite party!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Attended an awesome party by Dell at Hotel Equatorial weeks ago!
So envy la why Dell always got nice events one!!

Best dress award!!!!!
ok la not mine, just borrow! the winner deserved it!

beautiful ladies everywhere that night!

beautiful stage did by Jinni Bit!

the overall outlook

photo corner thank you!

throwing darts! with awesome prizes somemore

the crowd before entering the hall! spot me!!!!!!

my very entao eh boss with the emcee for the night!

nice lighting leh! looks like dance club more than ballroom

best beat-box ever!!!

yummy cakes!!!!!! ahhhh

everyone having their nice meal except me :(

the opening ceremony which is quite creepy for me! so dark somemore they dress like that :/

game session super funny one

acting like a rockstar on the stage!

best dress award!!!!!!! you wont believe how's the female best dress will dress like

i love her super bling bling pants!!!!!!!

beautiful dress me likey!

the winner for the female part!!!!!!!!
cool right she wears the primary school uniform!!!!!! somemore with Dell's badge!

last but not least, my beautiful senior choo on the stage for the lucky draw session!!

bye yo! xoxo

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