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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Hello Voodoo! i was quite late that day because i overslept :X im too tired after work!
took tons of photo as usual, only choose some to post kay!

a group photo with the signature media-board is a must!

two hennessy grabbers!

joined the seniors too! nice party with them again im looking forward for more :D

anffi sweetieeee! super miss her!

alicia chuah! blurry one, but still love!!!

jiahuichoo! the most beautiful one

odesha chan! love love

gary ming naik miang again, every day and night! haih

everyone loves it!!! *wipe saliva*

帅哥艳福多! tsk tsk tsk

super stars! green screen leh, dont siao siao

editing the pics!

on the screen!
and for the girls one i looks super horrible!!!! sad!

golden hennessy babe!

alicia, miki and odesha! 3 pretty babes

spot that ah liang on the left! i think he is 88% looks so alike with 方大同

sweet couple odesha chan and ah yang!

pig dog friends, limyukaikai and ah ken!

i love long shutter!!!!!!!!!!!



it was an enjoyable night at voodoo! overall is good, just the free flow session is so short XD
see you next year!

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