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Sunday, May 29, 2011

instead of James Foo western food i suggest they shall change their name in to James 'Full', because it was really packed and need to wait for so so so so so long for a meal.

everyone knows James Foo western food previously was at Fatties Park, cheap and good western food. they have their own shop now, and everything's like so well-organised, they have their own t-shirt, own name tag and even own serviette:

sam and eng said:'THIS IS BRANDING!!!!!!!'

the menu.

we waited for 15minutes to get our table, we were so hungry that night because we OT-ed for jiahuichoo!

the queue never stops!

hello! *barks* :X

we have a really bad feeling after ordered our food, because 80% of the tables are not eating yet :/

potato salad came after 10minutes! we ordered soup too but its sold out, so at last we ordered another 3 potato salad!!!!! but it is really good!

no one have the photo-mood except ah eng!!!!!

and yea, at last we waited for an hour for our main course!
damn hungry until we have illusion
sam's Holland chicken!

rich people ah eng's super mix grilled! he said:' I WANT THE BEST ONE'

mine and jiahui's ordered the same dish,
chicken and fish combo!

limyukai's Holland fish!

i really dont understand why it takes such long time just to prepare some grilled thingy like that, yes they tasted good but i still dont agree they need so long to get prepared! wtf french fries, salad and bread are well-prepared before that lehhhhh!
ok la next time i will go at 6pm and wait.

James Foo Western Food@Fattes Park
Add: 21, Jalan Fattes Park, 11200 Penang.
Opening hours: 5pm to 12am (Close on Monday)
Facebook: here

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