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Saturday, July 16, 2011

a photo with elisha first :)

great time with all the colleagues at sarkies corner for elisha's farewell!
she is moving to kl with her hubby! so happy because me and limyukai got to join them for dinner, we are just part time designers in the office so im feeling lucky because got free meal haha

old style kopitiam!

a leng zai cook smile to me! :X

and bad thing happened also because i ate a lot of slipper lobster and my wound were so itchy for at least 3 nights T_____T my mom just prohibited me from eating seafood and chicken! soon i will become a herbivore, NO WAY I WILL DIE WITHOUT MEAT


i really love to take pics of all the dessert, why so nice one

olive, cherry tomato, carrot, pickles! i think thats for a herbivore like me

colourful capsicum! my favourite!!!!!!

smoked salmon!

waiting for my cabonara,! yay!

nelson and bernard the gay couple!

elisha and ah choo!

say cheeeeeeeeeese

sushi! surprisingly i did not eat any sushi that night! but i swallowed damn lots of salmon :/

another YUMSSS

sago gula melaka!!!!!!!! i think it will be nicer if colder

tam jiak face glowinggggg

jia hui choo my beautiful senior choooooooooo!

everyone except me!!!!!!

limyukai and joshua

me and limyukai!

everyone with roses! lovin this pic because took damn much effort to snap one leh

another group pic


okay stop here because i shouldn't be blogging at this time :/
im dead and lost now because i have a few items that need to reprint

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