Hennessy Artistry@Sixty9ine Mansion

Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 of us that night! so few of us have our invites this time.
and you can read my previous Hennessy Artistry@Voodoo post here yo!

by the way, this hennessy artistry was a huge mess for me :( because im 2hours late that night haih! i wish i can enjoy it all over again from the start until the end. all because of i have to submit my job by that night and i cant finish it :( so end up, i managed to finish my work at 10pm and pass to the printer by 10.30pm. drive like mad all the way to batu feringgi after that! WHY SO FAR :( reached around 11.30pm HAIH

and this was the picture before i reached!
wtf they took so many glasses but just left 3 glasses for me! one greater thing of this party is the HUGE GLASS haha so much better than the tiny glass last HA at Voodoo

cannot tahan both of them, too sweet!
and ah yang was drunk when i reached! drink la drink more hennessy!

pretty odesha chan and sexy jiahuichoo!


Sixty9ine was so crowded!! luckily it was so windy that night~ ♥♥♥

the stage!

the mixing counter!

tables at the sandy beachhhhhh

met teddy!

okay la very sweet la

two drunker! sam very pity he even vomited after that during supper time :/

ok shall stop here! looking forward for the next party with hennessy! ♥

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