Missing family trip!

Monday, July 04, 2011

okay not now, mom says we will be going for my cousin's wedding probably next year :D

and that good news reminds me of a delayed blog post of my family trip to singapore for my cousin's wedding! roughly write about it

awesome view from the window! i have no idea where is it at all

our bus!!!!!! we have too many person so they get us a bus! love it so we can spend more time together :)

our very nice suite at Somerset, just along orchard road, with 2 bed room, 2 bath room, kitchen, dinning area and living area!

our room!!!

fully-equipped kitchen! so convenient

my lil sis super lazy lying on the sofa

went to chinatown for lunch first!!

with dexter the kid hanging around

went to sight-seeing as usual before dinner!

dinner time!!!!!!!
went for steamboat! nom nom nom nom

had countless plates of beef that night! so so so delicious cant resist it

five of us shopping and hanging around orchard the next day, others went to visit all the relatives in sg!

exhausted after walking for at least 6hours

too early to prepare for supper LOL

heading to wedding dinner at sentosa!!!!!!!

caught in the traffic on the way back

okay shall stop here! im looking for the next wedding dinner!!! :D

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