Odesha's sweet twenty one

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Odesha chan's birthday again!

each time her birthday i will always remind myself the cruel fact: another half of the year passed!!! i have so many June babies in my friend list but she is the first one in the next half year~ so ya, better work hard now for a better latter half of this year

present with the lovely purple ribbons

odesha's mom busy bbq-ing! YUMSSS really great food that night + unlimited supply of bbq! somemore with awesome super big prawns i loveeeeeee

very very very busy nom nom nom

who's balls!!!!!!!!

a photo with anffi and odesha!
also with her favourite rilakuma's masks made specially for her birthday

all the lady rilakumas!!!!!

dylan double-sided rilakuma!!!!

sweet muack muack rilakuma!

ms purplebites with her two SUPER YUMMY MILLE CREPE!!!!!!

too happy she will bites!


all the girls!

gary ming cutting the crepe!

luscious mille crepe from www.humblebeginnings.com.my

all the polaroid shoots that night!!

all the presents!!!!!

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