Gary's 21st@Magic 1

Saturday, August 13, 2011


gary ming's 21st birthday celebration at Magic 1, Batu feringgi last week! was quite late when we're there, and raining :(
his 'old lady look' that night:

haha and i brought pinky along! somemore ban leng leng for her look at her ribbon on her head!! XD
nice ambience for a relaxing birthday dinner! without air-corn but pretty cooling
spot our presents! mine one was the top yellow banana-ish one!
fruit salad with garlic bread! 1st dish already quite impressive!!! i loveeeee fruits!
im dying wanting this now! baked mussels and scallops!
Sze Chuan style spicy and sour soup!!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE AMONG ALL
BBQ lamb stew! good even without mint sauce
orange salmon with peanuts!!!! this was mad good! best orange sauce ever and out of my expectation, salmon can mix so perfectly with orange one!
and the salmon was freaking thick!
wall of fame! spotted a lot of ang mo on the wall!

okay continue with the food:
prawns!!!! i didnt eat any of them :( but they smell good haha
TOMYAM SPEGETTIIIII! im drooling now :(
pumkin with ice cream for the dessert!

auntie gary giving his speech before cutting the cake!

rum raisin from ritz bakery!
present time, unique rings from our precious 贵族!

my butt in that yellow box haha! I REALLY LOVE MY BUTT!!!!!
and a YUMMEH WATCH!!!!!!
yang and odesha's super huge box!
a star craft box! and a sexy bag pack!
and handphone wtffffff!
'OMG im so touched i wanna cry.......'
ok la byeeeeeee see you next year! ♥

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