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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

TO BLOG! hehe

hello peeps!

im working now but still trying to squeeze some time to blog! so GOOD ♥

in fact i really love nothing about my job compare to my assignment period, just except for the salary that i will get every end of the month, unlike assignments i have to pay damn shit lots of $ to complete it. And the thing is, we cannot say any ‘no’ to the customer, sien. working makes me appreciate weekends so much. i will just hanging around anywhere i wanted to because my weekdays are so hectic, until i dont have time to shop and not even a nice dinner :(

oh yes and new treatment for my skin lately! i went to a chinese traditional physician, 1st try! had herbal medicine for 2 days already, feeling quite good and apparently the itchiness reduced! chinese physicians are so different, they dont said it as allergic, but the main problem is my blood had not enough energy to transfer oxygen to every part of my skin. okay i hope it will turns better reaaaaaaaaal soon!

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