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Monday, September 26, 2011

short trip after our graduation showcase! we're too poor to go any further so......

the nearest place where we can chill and have fun together without sweating yay!

waiting for our room and we're so late because of public holiday!

so i can really looks better with a huge specs covered up my silly face :(
why cant i just look better in anyway? *heartbroken*
highland's burger king!

super pale my face!
but i love my fur so damn much!! and my shocking yellow loafer ♥

11 of us! which means almost half of the class ♥


spot the note behind gary ming!!!! a new style of advertising eh?

nicest group photos! ♥

nothing better than a glass of double hot chocolate in a cooling weather!
definitely can makes me feel extremely warmy.....

.......somemore have the greatest companies kap siao together ♥

tam jiak!

first time ever i had bak kut teh and it is freaking YUMS!
can you imagine a hot boiling pot in a freezy morning?

beauty and the beast ♥

queue for ride!

still queuing for ride! and this pic is so cantik!
although we looks like dinosaurs in the cage :X

weeeeeeeeeeee! two guys ban cool beside me

i love this pic haha!!!!!
looks like some sort of pig animal in the cage

WAHHHHH! another nice group pics!

HAHAHAH 三个笨蛋落汤鸡!!!


special gift from his love ones!

pics before we leave!!!!!!




holiday officially ends! no more holiday for me from now-on :(

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