Sabien's sweet birthday

Friday, September 23, 2011

sabien is back!
only for a month :(

so busy and dont really have time to spend together. but one good thing is.... no matter how far and how long we're apart, we still have so much stupid topic to share!
i really hope this will last forever :)

celebrated her birthday just in time! supper at la mei zhi after so busy preparing for my showcase!

darling ♥

the only friends that i can bath naked with in this world LOL :X

sweetest husband and wife! ♥

she just have so much expressions haha

i really miss your laughter now :(

squeeeeeeze face!

8 years of friendship and still counting....... ♥

chocolates from another side of the earth ♥

pretty glian! ♥

wei and dont forget our dream next year! lets try to make it real k :(

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