Arthur's day@QEII

Saturday, October 01, 2011

its been really soooooo loooooong i never make up nice nice like this :(
i really dont felt like going that night because it was thursday and have to work the next day.
AND ONCE IN A BLUE MOON I WILL TIE MY HAIR LIKE THAT WTF my face looks like a piece of roti canai for real wtf wtf wtf

ok la i still went haha!

gary ming and zi rong!

guinness draught ♥ good for girls so should really drink once a while!

dont like the place that we got :( super bright!


pretty lady jiahuichooooooooo!

leng zaissssss

nelson teh!!!!

my entao boss!!!!

sexy dance which was really sexy!! just look st her outfit :X

so-called climax part of the night, balloons fall from the top!

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