Cousins' visit!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

hello wen wen i miss you! *wave*

my lovely cousins visited me 2 months ago! brought them to straits quay. the main purpose was to visit charlie brown actually, haha but i think they regret :P

ah boyyyyyyy ♥

girls love love!

super late dinner at blue reef!
still planning where to go after this, movie or what but at last still stick to our usual activity---midnight cheong k fever!

seafood chowder! YUMSSS

smoked salmon crostini my all time favourite!

seafood galore again! that night wasnt that good, i think its a little too oily :(

really went to charlie brown for tea before we off to neway!!! and how exciting because we met snoopy!!!!!!!!

super duper cute and softtttttt! super nice to hug


ice cream and fruit crepe again! not much improvement :(

berry ice blanded.........................................
not nice at all

miss miss ♥

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