Floating market@Hatyai

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

blog a post like that during working makes me want a holiday trip even more :(
cant resist the temptation from thailand, so near and so colourful! perfect for a short escape

we're at floating market of hatyai! a little different from floating market of bangkok, it is only the stalls are floating, unlike bangkok we'll need a ride on a sampan to visit the entire market.

super beautiful sushi! and its cheap!

colourful thai-sushi!

with wenwen and ah boy ♥

colourful souvenirs everywhere in the market!
handmade clay dolls!

handmade bracelet!



something really impressed me! hats and everything made from can! omg so nice!!!!!

heineken bag!!! handmade also super unique


daddy taking pics!!! ♥

scene from the bridge! i cant resist to take pics of it because its so colourful!

oh and this is something cool!
fried insects!!!!!
variety of it and im so regret that I DID NOT EVEN TRY ONE!!!!!! :(

this is god damn geli! but i was told that this have the best taste!


fried little frogs! specially for my dear friend aliciachuah!

yummy but ultra high cholesterol thingy for on 20baht!

little deep fried crabbies!

perfect match with beer for sure!!!

and fried and grilled sotong!!!!!!!!

another look under the bridge!

getting the must-buy clay cup drinks!!!

MINE!!!!!!!!! YAY!

tomyam yum yum!
and very happy thing is we can really get the clay thingy back! even the clay bowl, for free!

this is nice!!!! i had one an apple one!!!

nipple ice cream!!!!!

it is actually frozen ice-cream! and the outer layer is like a balloon, so sucking the ice-cream is like babies sucking milk :X

end this post with a photo of dad watching at the sky hehe
love this pic so muchhhhh ♥

bye yo! i shall really blog more ok

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