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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

place that we chilled lately!
probably can see us every friday night ♥

super dreamy interior! feeling so cozyyyyy
and we love it so much!

another corner of the cafe

the signature wall

just a little more creativity creates lotsa 'wow'

washroom! miss those old style mirrors

see everything here is like a piece of art work, right?
because the owner himself is a designer, like us, from eaa too :)

salmon waffle! yum yummm

and this is my favourite salmon roll!
i love everything with salmon, and everything with cheese, so this is good for me hehe

fried fish fillet! we love this too!

and did you realize they actually serve food on the wooden chopper board?
cute hah!

chipmunk-shots during our first visit to piknik! ♥

and more hangout pics:

with 2 pretty ladies ♥

long time no see joshua!!!!

ah eng boh eng

3 lengzais!

and met our favourite lecturer from eaa!! ♥

pic by piknik!

cute heh!

nice friday chilling in nice place with nice people :)
especially a whole week busy working and got no time to catch up with the bunch, this is a great opportunity to be updated haha

be a pikniker like us here:
add: 15&17, nagor road, 10050, penang.
tel: 04-2260562

aiya just visit their facebook for more info la
and lovely pics of the atmosphere and piknikers :)


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