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Monday, January 16, 2012

Helloooooooo hatyai!

first trip after working hehe, a short one only 3days 2night with 3 piggies!
and our first meal in hatyai, after super long of starving, we go for Shabu-shabu which is all-you-can-eat, for only 299baht!

damn lots of choicessssss!

its really packed so we need to wait!

so love the interior! pinkish

hot plate!

pig 1 and pig 2!

and my pig 3!

double flavoured soup! no extra charges!

lemon juice, chilis, garlic and etc etc etc for the seasoning



salmon for only 79baht!!!!!!

oh yes and we had damn lots of tempura!!!!! and they tasted so gooooood!

unlimited sushi thingy!

gary's meat! with sweetcorn somemore

choices of drinks!

sushi bar! like i said its unlimited :D

cute cucumber sushi!

smoked salmon!

fried stuffs, omg im feeling fat now :(

thailand really loves pink, is it?

ice cream time!

FAT! :( i ate damn much food that afternoon -_______-

cute afro pig end bill!

continue shopping after that!

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