Dolls meet up!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

guess who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

person that never appears in my blog! haha
she is my long lost old friend --- yaying! havent seen her since form 5 i guess. it had been so longggggggg! and she's working in china now, just a short meet up during cny!

meet up at Brussels, brand new beer house in gurney paragon!

everyone on that afternoon!

aipheng and cheowhua, two pretty babes

group pics!

need to capture more pics with her really! hehe

♥ favourite

polaroid shoots

looking forward for the next gathering! so much to catch up! and talking about the old days makes me feel like, getting old :( the memories in high school are still fresh in mind, like they never pass, never leave.
but its true that years gone by......
can see the improvement in ourselves? ;)


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