Italiannies after years!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

still remember this pic, we had our first meal in kl years ago, which is in Italiannies!
so much memories!!!! so young haha

old pic with my old blog link hehe!

we had pizza last time! i remember it was quite good

and this cappuccino pie which is so awesome until four of us cannot forget the taste! but too bad we cant find it in the menu anymore :(

and last weekend we went for dinner at Italiannies, gurney paragon!
like finally we have Italiannies in penang after so so so so long! but only 3 of us without binbin

the place is so much smaller than i expect! but still ok, very nice :D

my favourite!!! bread with..........

vinegar and olive oil!!!!!!!!!!
i ate so much that night somemore its freshly baked! so yum yum

food food!
didnt snap all the food because we're so hungry!

cream of mushroom! yumyum

shrimp and asparagus!

chicken milanese!

looking forward for another dinner again darlings! :D ♥♥

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