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Thursday, February 02, 2012

one of the yummiest meal we had in hatyai!

we're at Log Terrace!

this was my first time there! the environment of the place really impressed me, its like you're dinning in a middle of the jungle, in a cave or something
first glance!

unfortunately part of the restaurant were close, i think because of the rising tide of the river beside the place, and it looks like a abandoned place, a bit scary

tables at the riverside

and the strong current of the river, flooding!

our place!

menu menu!

love my nom nom companies!
and took a walk around the place while waiting for our food

two pigs!


caves corridor leads to the kitchen i think

we looks so tiny hehe

a pool under the cave!

owwwww i can have long legs :D

hahaha gary taught us his favorite pose!

best pose of the day!

FOOOOOOD! like finally haha

kang kung!

crabby omelet!

fried garlic chicken

otak-otak in coconut!

seafood tomyam

scrumptious meal like always! ♥
and im feeling hungry now :(

ok la byebye! ♥

address: Log Terrace Restaurant. 405/1 Sakommongkan Road,
Soi 15, Hatyai Songkhla 90110, Thailand
contact: +66(0)74363554

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  1. mm,i just went it for last yrs..i love the food at there...


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