V day!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

i know its a bit late but i still wanna ask:


mine celebrated 2days earlier of 14th :) full of surprises hehe
i would really rather stay at home during the actual valentine's day because every restaurant usually packed and only set meals available, costly and choice-less.

out of my expectations my pig MADE A RESERVATION and bought me dinner at feringgi garden! i think he was very proud for himself because he found such nice place all by himself haha. somemore he called to reserve a table, which i dont think that he will ever make reservation for anything because he is such a lazy pig.

the pic we had after he got me the beautiful flowers haha
freaking dark!

ok we took two beautiful pictures ONLY for that night :(

he is very funny!!!! haha i really felt like laughing at him now lalalalala
we're halfway having dinner and then he went out and get the big bouquet back haha, still ok, not so shocked. then after a while he left me alone and went out again, and get me a little silver box with pinky ribbon
awwww why you so sweeeeeeet

and i got juicy's perfume!!!!! ♥
so nice and it smells really sweet :) like the smell that i love all the time! so surprise because i never think that he will buy something so girly haha

oh yes and our biggest valentines presents for ourselves:
so happy!
ok shall stop here

last but not least, i always believe:
if couples do love each other, everyday is a valentines day! :)

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