Thursday, March 01, 2012

hey peeps!

lately was quite boring.

because there's nothing really serious for us to do
and we hangout so often until we're like no more place for us to hangout haha

we go for Meet Fresh at gurney paragon at least twice a week.
so into their soya bean curd and strawberry ice!

random polaroid shoots!

chilled at Bed, e-gate

bought my bear along hah! he just so bored at home and i have to bring him out

so cute

another random day at Pacific coffee, gurney paragon
this is another hangout spot lately! at least once a week :X

the pig!

this is the best photo taken by someone.
others? failed! haha


more pigs!

my favourite chamomile!!

so damn funny my face!!!!! hahaha

more polaroid shoots ♥

ok going out without purpose again haha


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