Pretty senior's birthday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy birthday ah huiiiiiiiiiiii

bought her a yummy dinner at Yea japanese BBQ & shabu-shabu buffet on the night before her birthday! one thing i found really interesting was the charcoal grill stove right on the middle of the table!



and super thick salmon! i ate 89326482183 pieces that night muahaha

boiling hot!!!!
we tried their signature soup which is the clear soup base 'shabu-shabu'

the variety of food that they offer for shabu-shabu!

handmade meat and fish ball!

salmon! so good and must not miss!

fruits and salad bar!

the birthday girl! looks like a cool japanese chef in training :)

professional eh? haha

pigs eating! hahaha


ah eng swallowing the whole thingy!

and dessert time, choco fountain!

we went for second round after dinner! for cake cutting :D
bought a cake earlier but got no time to cut it because we're busy eating haha



me and my pets

kiss kiss karen & the birthday girl!

the insane guy with thick lips hahahaha

polaroid shots

oh yes and our lovely present for her!!!! with huge love!!!!!
we love you choo choo! xoxo ♥

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2 dreamers

  1. the food there quite nice and reasonable..looking forward to go back eh . .


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