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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

had my dinner with two darlings as usual! had a dilemma for japanese or italian food, last decision go for Bravo italiana, since i have a long-craved for thin crusted pizza and tiramisu hehe.

glian darling! she's moving to kl for work!

pictures all over the wall! i think the shop owner loves to travel!



another appetizer, scallop glatine! nice!
scallop top with mushroom, cream and melted with mozzarella cheese!

main corses!

spaghetti de fattore.........i think so haha
yummy spaghetti baked with tender stripes of chicken, broccoli, olive and cheese!

mine! this is good! salmon rockefella
it was baked salmon fillet and topped with tomato, mushroom, sweet pepper, italian herbs, white wine and melted with mozzarella cheese! so love the scent of the herbs!
with sin sin my love!

and we had pizza too. pizza americana!
simple pizza with chicken, green pepper and olive. love the pizza crust because its not thick at all!!!!

nom nom nom
cant manage to finish the pizza haha, DABAO!

dessert time! lemon pie! yummy lemon refreshing bites

tiramisu!!!! a must for me! quite good

thank you darlings! ♥
dont forget our next birthday date ya :)

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