Eng and Karen's birthday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

karen's birthday was just a day after ah eng's so we decided to celebrate together and make it once! haha good thing, so that we wont have too much reason to have too much food!

the birthday boy and birthday girl! so couple-looking!
not to forget those cupcakes, we ordered like 2 days before and too bad the outcome was not as nice as we thought :(

we had our lovely dinner at The Sire! that museum restaurant that i blogged before, remember this?

familiar oil lamp, because they are under the same management with feringgi garden!

the top view from our table of six! sitting in the middle of the air-well garden.

bruschetta! its on the house!

freshly baked! simple and delicious italian appetizer. 

ms karen with her presents :)

another pretty, my senior choo! 

seafood soup! 
light and creamy soup with salmon cube, prawn, mussel and some chicken! love the touches of the tropical herbs and spices

wild mushroom!
rich and creamy! but the portion are so small that i can actually finish the soup in a second!

with my pig!

two besties! 

cute little birthday pug, haha

alicia! with her prawn pesto macaroni 

this is it! pesto, pesto, pesto and prawn! 

grilled salmon! karen's choice!

seafood linguine!

linguine lobster!
its a half baby lobster in classic tomato and wine sauce

roasted chicken with seafood!

grilled lemon grass chicken! 
seasoned with tropical spices, and served with veggies and potatoes!

with alicia!

and my pig again!

and after food was the cake cutting!

make a wish first!

presents hahaha!

three old people!

spot the pixellated gucci print! and weird nike logo hahaha

my favourite multicolour print!

shoes for ah eng

and a bag for karen!

with kitty specs ♥

leaving the sire for coffee island next!

end of the post now! xoxo

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