Nature republic fever

Friday, May 25, 2012

a random hangout day and got to know about the nature republic special buffet sales!
which means you can pay and you will be given a box, then you can get anything as long as it fits into your box! girls will totally get mad and excited!

rm100 for all of this! mine and alicia's! damn satisfied!

my part!!!!!!!! which means they're only rm50 omg

and never forget those masks! so happy :D

i really love masks for hands and feet! especially feet, they're really dry sometimes

my smile line are so so so so so obvious i donno why :( 
some people said its good because it will makes your smile more beautiful but it was also the easiest way to identify your age, by seeing the condition of the skin around the smile line :'(

hahaha not much to say, I DEFINITELY NEED THIS 

one of my favourite item! and lucky me i got two of them! cover base which is really good and it fits my skin so well! brighten + cover pores! normal price its around rm60++ each, so totally worth it!

and they always comes in very nice packaging! a few kind of fruit mask, these were my favourite items! but too bad they're not include in the buffet sales. 

cute right? main reason is because their perfect fruitty scent! totally have a mad love in fruit mask!

can even see the meat of the fruit! love it especially when its chilled, apply on the face and its so so so so relaxing and smells so so so so good! ♥

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