Yummy tarts for mommy's day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

not much i can get for my mom, because i earn so little that i can only barely afford myself to eat each month :( so decided just to get my mom these little tarts, nice colourful and yummy! moreover she's a sweet tooth!

ordered a few days ago, and decided to re-packaging the whole thing, because the original boxes that they gave was a bit............. i just dont like it. so i got some nice boxes from sugar@straits quay, added a nice ribbon and a lovely mommy's day card!

picked a few flavour like apple cheese, kiwi cheese, strawberry cheese, choco mousse, jelly grapes, choco almond and etc etc 

mango custard! the middle one with flower on it

overall view! ♥

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1 dreamers

  1. 哇,看到我口水都流出来了,
    而已还可以选择各式各样的 Tart


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