Darlings dinner@Jogoya, Starhill

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello sashimi!!!! :X
long-craved japanese buffet had finally become reality. we planned everything during my birthday and decided to visit kl for a scrumptious meal for glian's birthday!

my pig! after shopping haha  

the ambience of the restaurant

it was my first time visiting Jogoya, so we had a walk around the place before we start to grab the food.
the first impression was 'where shall we start?' serious! because there was a large variety of food, not only japanese but western, chinese and so on.......

dim sum corner

yellow rice at the western corner

fresh seafood!

clay pot

more seafood! just place our table number clip on the empty bowl and they will send the seafood to your table!

and another thing that makes me superb excited, is the dessert bar!

and of course chocolate fondue with lovely marsh mallow!

another corner of the dinning area

my first plate! non-other than the freshly cut sashimi! the best was the maguro, fresh and juicy, super loving it!

table flooded within 2 minutes! hah

sharkfin soup and 'buddha-jump-wall'! look at the abalone slice and sea-cucumber!

cute pumpkin bowl for pumpkin seafood ramen!

bottomless edamame im so happy!!!!!!! :D

ah sin's plate! i love slipper lobster but i just cant eat :( kill my itchiness please!

scallops nom nom!

tempura and cheese-baked thingy! best best!

mushroom soup with pastry from the western corner!

tomyam seafood clay pot boiling on our table!

mine! miso in clay pot with lots of fish and sweetcorn!!!!

pig pig grabbing lots lots of food!!!!!!

ms glian and her love, all the way from melacca for this dinner, sweet!
1st met up with us as well! :D

love!!!!!!!!! awwwwwww
but i need to shout 'sabien lee where are you!'

and dessert time!

of course, best part of the dessert was their ice cream! just 4scoops of haagen-dazs make me super happy happy :)

more desserts and also new zealand natural's ice cream! 

mochi mochi! and also green tea egg rolls! i love egg rolls! it was my childhood's favourite noms! 

and a cooling coconut after meal!

group pics!!!!!!!

3 of us again! last pic before we leave for pavilion! 
8 years of friendship and still counting  
super glad because we made it this time! its not easy to have such dinner especially out of penang haha
because we have our own work! next dinner together shall have sabien lee together with us  

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